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October 23 Newsletter – King and Country

5th November 2022 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi There, What a month!  As we stood on The Mall in the crowds we were moved by the service, the national anthem and then the coffin with the new King and his family passing by.  The end of an era.  The day after the media seemed to return to offering us the huge challenges of the day.  The most…

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October 2021 Newsletter – From Pandemic to Perseverance?

29th October 2021 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there At last Sierra Leone is off the UK “red list” meaning we can reasonably travel back to Sierra Leone in November.  For 2 years our income reached £650,000 a year but in the last one it fell to £450,000.  In the context that we need about £7 million to complete our initial village completion goal, you can join…

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September 2021 Newsletter – How much cash is enough?

27th September 2021 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there, Talking with Abubakkar, I was reminded of the life change we are bringing.  He told me how before he came to Home Leone, he had not had a job in over 6 years.  Every year his “house” was flooded and much of what he had destroyed.  He feared for his and his family’s life. I have stood in…

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July 2021 Newsletter – Seeking Volunteers!

27th July 2021 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there, Would you or someone you know, consider joining us for a year in Sierra Leone? I tend to think that most people wake up one day and say – Is this all there is?  At that moment it is a bit like going into half time in a football match (as suggested by the writer Bob Burford).  You…

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June 2021 Newsletter – COVID reaches Destiny, yet still so much to be thankful for!

27th June 2021 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there, In April I was able to revisit Sierra Leone, the first time in over a year.  It is extraordinary how things continue to develop despite this very difficult worldwide pandemic. I was talking with some of the residents and a couple of them explained life before and after their move.  One noted how he had been unemployed for…

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March 2021 Newsletter – What is an Affordable House?

1st March 2021 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there I am excited to be returning to Sierra Leone in April, as I have not been for a year.  This contrasts with 10 trips a year for the last few years.  We continue to ask the question, what housing solution is truly affordable and on what basis?  We have listened carefully to what people want and looked at…

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