With an average life expectancy of just 48, with insufficient and inadequate primary health care across the country, addressing health provision is at the heart of our new village plans.

Whilst at Destiny Village primary healthcare is at the core, Home Leone’s leaders are building on their healthcare relationships to support other medical and care needs.  This is led by Dr Clive Thursfield of the Birmingham NHS Trust in the UK.  We are seeking to link UK healthcare providers with this vital work.

Village Health Centre

In mid 2017, we start a local clinic in the village.  In partnership with the AHS hospital at Waterloo, this offers health services to the wider community, well beyond Destiny Village.  It is hugely welcomed by all in the area and is initially being housed in one of our shop buildings.

We plan to build the health centre and the above design is in discussion.  For many, health care is unaffordable.  Some say they won’t pay for operations, as they want to save money for the funeral!  Our clinic prices will be manageable for the local population, but clearly once significant problems occur, it can be a challenge.  Once people move to the village, they will have the opportunity to make a monthly payment that means when they call on the medical facility it will cost less than the general tariff.  There is no government subsidy available to us.

Elderly Care Home

We will build and run a care home for seniors in the village.  This provides jobs for those relocating and addresses the unfulfilled demand for this type of care in the country.  We have gained significant experience in our relationship with the King George Memorial Home who our leaders have been supporting since 2003 and where we have recently added facilities, provided staff and addressed their lack of water supply.

Partnership with the AHS Hospital in Waterloo

Since 2004, our leaders have built a significant part of the hospital and brought teams and supplies.  Their development and love for the people they serve is inspiring.  This hospital will run the operations of the Destiny Health Centre and Home Leone will continue to support them in a number of ways.  This will include bringing medics to help train, additional equipment and supplies and funnily enough a brick making partnership!

City of Rest

Mental Health and Drug Rehabilitation services are threadbare in the country.  We are aware of  only 1 psychiatrist for the 7 million people.  Our leaders were responsible for building City of Rest’s new facility at Grafton and Home Leone is in discussion as to how we can best assist them in their goals.

Shepherds Hospice

Having recently met the leaders we were inspired by them and are in discussion with how we can assist this group, who are located near our village.

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