Home Leone is building a primary school, junior secondary and senior secondary school. These will educate over 600 children and is located in the heart of Destiny Village.  In addition vocational training will be offered.

The average Sierra Leonean class size is 82 (2013) and classes in excess of 100 children are not uncommon.  In 2013, there were 1.33 million primary school children and less than 16,000 solid classrooms across the country.  The need for more schools, and quality schools is overwhelming.

Pupils will be children who currently live in tin shacks, a place where 1 in 5 sleep tonight with 10 or more in the room, few have running water, sewage systems are non-existent.  At present some go to distant schools as the government does not pay teachers who work in the few schools in the slums.

These children will undertake a new style of learning.  The key indicator is the child’s ability to pass a WASS exam at age 12.  This will be expected to be 95%-100% pass rate for this school.

We are building the school in line with village growth and as soon as resources allow.  Depending on funding, we expect to lay the foundation stone for the first 4 classrooms in October 2017.

Vocational Training is vital component of youth skills development and forms part of the plans.  In November 2017, training of skilled mechanic will begin in our garage business.

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