Send a Corporate Team

The Opportunity

Home Leone enables your company (just like Arup, the leading consulting engineering firm) to send a staff team to one of the world’s poorest countries on earth, where real Corporate Social Responsibility and life challenge delivers community transformation  projects.  This not only contributes meaningful change to the lives of some of the worlds poorest, it impacts your staff; leading to profound learning and growing leadership skills. We provide outstanding team building and team bonding. Recognising personal development follows from taking emotional risk, it means more enlightened, socially driven, reputable, prestigious, respected and trusted staff. We have 2 key options:

1      The team focuses on CSR, they come, help a community, learn in a new community.

2      Team members can have structured personal development goals and a more formal learning process is set in place to embed the learning in the work place.  This works with your in-house HR professionals or alongside our life coach associates.

Now travel has opened after the lockdowns, what better time to help a suffering people. 

Benefits of Investing in sending a corporate team

The evidence

  • 70% of US students surveyed would not apply for a job at a company deemed socially irresponsible.
  • 68% disagreed that salary was more important than social responsibility. (Source: CSR Monitor by GlobeScan)
  • MBA graduates would sacrifice $13,700 in salary to work for a socially responsible company. (Source:Stanford University)

This suggests, you will attract and retain the best talent, engender loyalty, innovation and creativity and build a helpful ethos and common bond across your business.

CSR with Real Impact

Investing in such a program does not pay lip service to CSR, it literally transforms the lives of some of the world’s poorest, providing and outstanding social return on your investment. We’ve found that the legacy these teams leave is profound. It creates ideas and great relationships with your customers and suppliers as they your company’s values are lived out and not just on a wall.

Team Building

From the moment the team comes together in this common goal, businesses see improved corporate communication. People discover their gifts and see great qualities in others. We enhance this development through the program.  Many like us have been on team building courses. A great and fun week away, abseiling and doing role plays, yet it made no real difference in our lives. We have to engage in emotional risk; a deep buy-in that results in personal challenge and change.

How it works – In 5 steps

  • You invite us to an initial meeting to discuss the company’s goals. Together we determine a plan.
  • Home Leone develops a bespoke plan with your company enabling the team to go.  We provide clear cost parameters, fund raising and discuss any associate work required
  • The team is selected and gathered; Home Leone delivers an orientation and delivers the logistics.
  • The team typically goes for 7-8 days (5 working days), delivering an urgently needed house, classroom or clinic in a disadvantaged community, whilst gaining insights working alongside a range of local partners.
  • The team reflects on their learning and plans for next steps.

Other Groups

We have welcomed Turley, the Planning consultancy who spent a couple of days at our village and helped in a range of ways.  We also had a group from Swansea University engineering faculty helping with a waste to power initiative and engineers Jacobs.

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