A Corporate Team to Sierra Leone

Turley is a Planning consultancy with 10 offices across the UK.  The company worked with Nigel Hyde, Home Leone’s Chairman and founder who organised and led several company teams to Sierra Leone as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

This paper sets out its developing relationship with the charity and the impact at individual, corporate and community levels.

Initially, 3 Directors and senior staff did a 5 day “mini” Mission Direct trip to Sierra Leone where they understood the possibilities for engaging their staff.  The returned and presented the opportunity for meaningful CSR to their national conference.  They agreed to send 10 staff members on a one week trip to build a vocational training centre in Sierra Leone.

The building was budgeted to cost £20,000 and the trip cost was set.

Company and staff each contributed:

  • for the project, Turley contributed £15,000 and staff raised an average of £500 each;
  • The trips costs were shared 50/50 with the company and employees;
  • Employees took 3 days holiday and it was matched by Turley giving an extra 3 days (though the trip typically uses 5 business days).

The logistics covered by the charity include:

  • providing orientation, finance arrangements and detailed risk assessments;
  • arranging the flights, visas, insurance, in- country transport, accommodation, food and drink;
  • setting up the in-country program and activities with other partners and those in slums;
  • providing in country leadership;
  • providing a detailed bespoke program that can include, a thought for the day, mornings working on the main project, visits to other partners, providing opportunities for other personal, cultural and business insights;
  • meeting up with participants for a debrief.

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