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Hundreds of thousands of people in Freetown, Sierra Leone, live in unimaginable squalor. An EU funded report declared that over 280,000 homes were needed by 2028; few have been built. We own 25 acres of land and are building Destiny Village, near Newton.  We have now built the first 60 affordable homes,  a primary school and part of a secondary school, we operate 6 businesses, delivered a long term clean water supply, installed solar power, an environmentally friendly waste incinerator and moved over 200 people to a new life.  There is much more..

We have interviewed hundreds of families in designing our 7-pillar relocation strategy.  We’ve gained government enthusiasm, with support particularly from the the Ministries of Economic Planning and Social Welfare.  we continue our sensitisation for moving program in the slums. Selection criteria were initially developed with our partner the Federation of Urban and Rural Poor (part of Slum Dwellers International) and now considerable experience with residents .  This has provided us with great learning.  Our initial goal is to complete 25 acres of development, moving over 2,000 people.  This pilot is proving scalable , sustainable, comprehensive and right for its time.

The current Vice President visited our village.  He noted how our initiative was in line with government hopes and priorities to address low-cost and affordable housing in Sierra Leone.  As we meet other government leaders, they express how what we are doing not only address national issues but can see the potential to replicate across Africa.

We need your help, sharing this amazing initiative with those who could get involved.  If you would like to join us in this transformational initiative then do get in touch with Nigel Hyde at

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