Staff Opportunities

Please consider working with Home Leone in either the UK or Sierra Leone.  If something sparks your interest then please ring Nigel Hyde on +44 7961 576769 or e mail  If you have a CV and could set out your interest, together with any questions and contact details we will get back to you.

At this stage we do not have funding and ask that you work on a self-funding basis as we give of ourselves to serve some of the worlds’ poorest.

There are some roles we need ASAP.  However, when building a village, whatever you can offer may be of help, so please do get in touch.  The core jobs we need to fulfil are listed below.  If you then find something of interest, scroll down for more detail.

Sierra Leone

General Manager – With so many opportunities and on the ground management, it is clear we need a full time in-country leader.  If you have the skills to manage a complex multi-disciplinary life-changing charity, and would like to live in Sierra Leone for a season, please get in touch.

Director or Education – Below you will learn more of our education plans.  We need someone to commit to leading in country, training teachers and helping us open the school on 3 September 2019.

Builder – We need someone with building skills to help develop our planning, training and construction processes in the village.  It remains a constant challenge to train local workers and we need someone who loves being on site and can help us develop our foremen and supervisors.  If you have construction experience, then do please consider this.

Business Leader – We have now established 5 businesses. Each has its own USP’s, marketing and production issues.  If you understand business we need you to come and coach our business heads and help them understand profitability and grow the businesses.  This is what will make the village sustainable and provide income to support education and healthcare.  If you have business acumen, we need your help.

Team leader and Administrator – If you are organised and great with people, we have a whole series of jobs that come our way that needs someone to pick up.  From showing visitors around the village and hosting teams who come to help, to helping us manage those moving to the village and communicate well.  This does not need a major track record.  It just needs a willing heart and common sense.

Builders/Plumbers/Carpenters/DIY lovers

The expansion of our building program is coming and we have opportunities beyond the village to build low cost homes.  There are few in the country with the basic skills we need to lead and train on the projects.  You may be able to come for short or longer times.


Financial transparency and managing money in a largely cash society requires skill and logic.  We have developing systems (now putting in Xero) that need attention and  our desire to produce regular management information across a range of industries is really interesting.

United Kingdom Based

Procurement Manager

We have a wonderful opportunity to collect gifts in kind and purchase vital supplies, bring all together and then containerise and ship.  We are building a wonderful network of suppliers and relationships of people who want to help.  We have a strong base in the Luton area but want to build on this work in other parts of the country so it may not matter where you are based.

Communications Manager

We have many of the core communication platforms in place; website, Facebook, Twitter and develop our significant adwords opportunity.  At present, this can also be done whilst doing another job.

Trust Fund Raisers

We need more funds to fulfil our vision and calling.  If you could help us raise money, we have a good base and systems and can work with you experienced or learning.


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