Contact & FAQ’s

Home Leone is located at:

Park House, Botley Road, Bishops Waltham

Southampton SO32 1DR, United Kingdom

This is also our UK Registered office

Please contact us by:

Telephone +44 1489 325193 or +44 7961 576769

A Company Limited by Guarantee No. 8974510 Registered Charity No. 1158211

In the USA our address is

24073 East1400 North Road. Ellsworth, Illinois 61737-9535

Telephone: +1 309 724 8502

In Sierra Leone our address is

Ruth Brook Villas, Destiny Village, Mabrown, Newton

Telephone: +232 88 788888

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Sierra Leone?

What is the impact of this initiative?

Did Ebola and COVID affect the plan?

What is the government doing to address the housing problem?

What sort of houses are you building?

How much does it cost to fund a home?

How do you select people?

Do People pay rent?

Is it not better to upgrade a slum rather than resettle people?