Employment through Business

Sustainability is dependent on business profitability. Home Leone has allocated a large area of the site to business development expecting the businesses to contribute to the community cash flow. The Sierra Leone environment difficult. Investors typically require high ROI’s, as reflected by the countries huge interest rates and lack of investment.  Our approach is to invest in the businesses as a social enterprise. We are considering how best to take direct investment into the work.

Our concept empowers residents away from the model of dependency, enabling training and business development to act as a way to empower Associates to thrive and build their own lives in a holistic sustainable manner.

We have already built the first warehouses, shops, stores and generator room and brought in significant tooling to help us deliver the next phase.

The businesses we know will work and are building business plans for are:

  • A brick making factory (as Home Leone will be a key customer). This started production in June 2017.
  • A garage – Toby Johnston joins us in September and will operate a for-profit garage training and enhancing the skills of mechanics from the slums
  • A water bagging factory is set and just needs capital.  The filtered clean water is in place in October 2017.
  • A chicken farm – the demand for eggs and chicken is significant.
  • A bakery – There are many bakers who simply don’t have facilities and there are opportunities to provide added value products to restaurants and hotels.  We have start up equipment.

As things develop we will seek larger and more added-value business opportunities.


Home Leone has a detailed planned for all aspects of the community’s infrastructure.   There will be 3 schools, football pitches, community centres, vocational training and much more.  The main road has been set and a bridge built that opens quicker access to the village from the main road.


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