Like Futuresource, an educational IT company in St Albans came, our destination is Moshi which sits in the lower foothills of Kilimanjaro. The travel arrangements are fairly straightforward as there is a local airport with easy connections from Nairobi, Kenya. Time difference is typically 2 hours.

The projects we have for your agenda may include one of the following:

  • a classroom for Fountain of Hope, which is here
  • a building project for the government school in Mtakuja
  • a classroom for HOPE International if we have land to build on at that point.  This school serves the international and local communities.

We provide far more details and a plan if this is where you decide to go.

The local hosting team are part of a US based NGO called Global Effect and in Moshi the team of US, British and Tanzanian staff have a number of projects the cornerstone of which is an international primary school where pupils are either from the international community (fee paying) or the local community (subsidised).  The project is well established and the team have their own vehicles and property which means that the standard of logistical arrangements is very high.  Our principal partner works with us and personally oversees all aspects of your stay.

The hotel we will stay at in Moshi is the Uhuru which you can see here. It’s about 45 minutes from the airport.  Moshi itself is a peaceful community politically, as is Tanzania.  There is no discernible risk from any political activity in Kenya, and whilst the Kenyan border is around 50km away, this is remote and very rural territory, with Nairobi 8 hours away by road.  Indeed, Moshi and nearby Arusha host international climbing teams who prepare for and then climb Mt Kilimanjaro and who also spend time in the towns.

The itinerary focuses on building a classroom.  When we are on site for the building project there may also be informal opportunity to visit with local families.  In addition to the main project we would suggest that we also take the team to visit some other projects. These may include:

  • Centre for girls rescued from the sex trade or in abusive situations and who live in community and learn vocational skills around textiles;
  • A centre for boys provides training in welding for rescued street boys;
  • A school to visit with pupils, playing some games and other activities;
  • A nursery school – this is guaranteed to be a significant experience for everyone!

The itinerary includes some ‘downtime’ and embraces:

  • Local cultural tours
  • Shopping trips
  • A visit to the Hot Springs – an oasis in the desert where visitors can swim in a warm pool surrounded by troupes of monkeys
  • A trek to some local waterfalls

We can visit a safari park and this would add some cost.  If we did wish to pursue this the options are for a local park where we would probably see giraffe, zebra, a variety of deer and gazelle.  A trip to Arusha and beyond (3 hours+ by road) would allow us to go to a park with all of Africa’s wildlife but practically this would be a 24 hour trip.

If you would like to bring your company to Tanzania, do get in touch today.

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