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February 2021 Newsletter – Power to the People

18th February 2021 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there Greetings from our team in Sierra Leone who send their love during these unusual and, for many, difficult times.  There is currently a 12am to 5am curfew as whilst the COVID cases seem relatively low, the government do what they can to minimise the spread. In this news I am speaking to one topic only.  I would like…

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January 2021 Newsletter – Sending Our Love for the New Year from all at Home Leone

14th January 2021 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there Well, a new year with new opportunities.  The deepened COVID restrictions again mean we have to consider how we operate carefully as we survive and then thrive! I wonder how you would define poverty? – perhaps try it before reading on…..  It is interesting if you ask people in the UK or USA, most of us describe it…

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November 2020 Newsletter – Rest and Looking Ahead

1st November 2020 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi There,  Earlier this year I spoke with a friend and said, “I could just do with a break for a month” as in truth I have been on the go with Home Leone since starting in April 2014.  He said, “That’s sounds good, why don’t you just do it”.  So, from next week that’s what I plan to do,…

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September 2020 Newsletter – A Fresh Impetus

1st September 2020 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there, We continue to press on developing Destiny Village .  In this news I want to welcome Ben Okambue as our new Chief Operating Officer.  He flew to Sierra Leone on 4 September to take up his role. Ben’s arrival has given us a great opportunity to restructure our workforce to see we have the foundational people in the…

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July 2020 Newsletter

1st July 2020 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there, What a few months its been, as we wrestle with this new world.  Isn’t it wonderful that today is a new day where we can get a fresh insight on whatever is challenging us?     Freetown airport is due to open soon and I look forward to returning to Sierra Leone, probably in September. Last week, my father…

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June 2020 Newsletter – COVID: A time for Pressing on in Adversity

1st June 2020 | Posted in Newsletters

Hi there, This morning, as I went for a run, I met a man sobbing.  As I stopped and he shared how worried he was and how guilty he felt about so many things, it was a stark reminder that the new reality we face affects us all in different ways.  It was like a divine appointment that I was…

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