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Destiny Grace Academy gets a new fence

11th November 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Keeping our children safe remains important. A kind farmer gave some unused fencing which we shipped to Sierra Leone in the last container. This has helped significantly secure the school boundary. We are so thankful for practical gifts like these that enable progress across our village – thank you

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The inconsistent message

5th May 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Yesterday I did a few videos with some of the residents. I wanted to hear from them as to what life was like before they moved to Destiny and what life was like now. They told of no jobs, one said for 6 years and each had lost everything they owned to flooding in their shack at least once. Some…

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A Slum Solution?

3rd May 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

We went to visit the chief in CKG, one of the 70 named slums across Freetown. Several years ago we sat there exploring what a Home Leone could look like and it was amazing to find people who remembered us and our conversations. Sadly the place faced the same problems. This slum could be transformed with a simple bit of…

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Built to Last

2nd May 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

We have been given some wonderful supplies from people like Sussex for Africa, NHS disposed equipment, Shoe Aid and more. Yesterday we took the opportunity to meet up with friends in Freetown who continue to face some incredible hardship. There we could could share some of this blessing. In 2006 with Mission Direct, we built accommodation for the Hastings Polio…

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An affordable house?

1st May 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

When you think about where to live, what do you think of? Friends and family, where my work is, what sort of community, country or town, detached or not – we have so many choices. One of the key factors in our decision is affordability. A family or individual currently living in a slum has less choice, yet the have…

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Why not come to Sierra Leone?

30th April 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Just over a year ago Alex Finch from Hampshire came to volunteer with us. His trip was cut short as COVID meant airlines shut down. It turned out he picked up COVID and our village was one of the first to have some quarantine in this country. A year later he is back! Alex gets what we are trying to…

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