A Slum Solution?

3rd May 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

We went to visit the chief in CKG, one of the 70 named slums across Freetown. Several years ago we sat there exploring what a Home Leone could look like and it was amazing to find people who remembered us and our conversations. Sadly the place faced the same problems.

This slum could be transformed with a simple bit of engineering. Water currently pours in to peoples homes/shacks each year, sometimes causing loss of life. If we could get an engineer and an excavator in for a couple of weeks we could dig this channel out and open a clear way for the huge volume of water and rubbish to easily access the sea.

When one considers what is spent on international development consultancy and so many failed projects in this nation, you can see how effective £15,000 ($20,000) could be in changing this community.

We are thinking this is something some might like to do as would help so many.

someone lives in here

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