Built to Last

2nd May 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

We have been given some wonderful supplies from people like Sussex for Africa, NHS disposed equipment, Shoe Aid and more. Yesterday we took the opportunity to meet up with friends in Freetown who continue to face some incredible hardship. There we could could share some of this blessing.

In 2006 with Mission Direct, we built accommodation for the Hastings Polio Ladies. A community where many live with polio and even some children have it, in a day when it is supposed to be eradicated. We brought Fatmata a wheel chair, which she can propel herself to school in. It is hard to describe the joy she felt. Others had clothing and shoes and some walking aids. What struck me was the love and that the community remain so grateful, even after 14 years since we first partnered with them. It reminded me how people come on trips to Sierra Leone and the relationships built and infrastructure provided just endures.

The ladies send their love and thanks to all who have come on Mission Direct and Home Leone teams.

Mariama, the leader and some form the community

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