The inconsistent message

5th May 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Yesterday I did a few videos with some of the residents. I wanted to hear from them as to what life was like before they moved to Destiny and what life was like now. They told of no jobs, one said for 6 years and each had lost everything they owned to flooding in their shack at least once. Some also told of how they were bad people who threatened others. They all lived in fear.

They went on to say what a conducive environment the village was. They had peace. One said he slept so well in the rains, not worrying about floods and fire. The contrast was stark, what a great move its been! Or is that what they really think?

There is a strong belief that Home Leone leaders are stealing from them and only there to make money. There is no concept of someone helping without reward. The Islamic fatalism that God has predestined everything means behaviour and responsibility is irrelevant as whatever outcomes they get is Gods will! How unfair it was that the leadership can “punish” us but residents don’t have a way to punish us. There is more!

So what is being said? It is interesting that 2 such messages sit so well for many. When you speak individually you get a great picture. In groups with peer pressure, a different picture emerges.

There is no doubt that this is transforming lives. Some are clearly a lot less angry and finding peaceful ways to solve issues. Years of trauma go deep but I sense real hope. We press on!

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