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Completing on Time

17th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Its been quite a week.  With another 18 families moving to Destiny Town in the next 3 days, it has been a challenge to get Shanta Villas and Waymade Villas complete.  We will have it done though! Those funding things like Home Leone want us to demonstrate impact.  Whilst it is intuitively obvious we have to find way to build…

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What happens after a team

14th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

In January, a team from the company Turley (Planning consultants) paid for and helped build a Palava hut.  This is somewhere those living nearby can meet and do so much more. This picture shows how residents are now selling their wares, including our water, and cooked food under it.  I asked the price of 20 cigarettes – 40p was the…

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Employment with small loans

5th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

5 Destiny residents signed their 3 wheel taxi (Keh Keh) agreements this week and took to the roads.  A wonderful man lent us £10,000 to enable this to happen.  This was used to buy 5 such machines.  The drivers pay weekly such that over a year, they repay the lender and will then own their own sustainable asset.  We also…

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9 more families joined Destiny Village Yesterday afternoon

2nd July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Yet another great day as Destiny Village welcomes another 9 families.  The noise of children playing and their excitement is bringing what was a building site alive with fun and laughter.  It makes all we have done together so worthwhile.  

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More Families move to their Destiny

30th June 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

This is a remarkable time for us as we bring more families each week to a new life in Destiny.  Many of those who are moving have some tragic stories of their lives, yet the excitement of  this new opportunity is wonderful.  One lady told me how last year she had water up to her neck in her house.  Many…

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Destiny Appoints a Village Chief

29th June 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

We are delighted to announce that Andrew Kondoh has been appointed as the Village Chief.  This key role follows a tradition that really helps develop community cohesion.  We are thrilled Andrew has taken up the role as he helps us build community as more and more people move to the village. We had a visitor the other day who said…

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