Employment with small loans

5th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

5 Destiny residents signed their 3 wheel taxi (Keh Keh) agreements this week and took to the roads.  A wonderful man lent us £10,000 to enable this to happen.  This was used to buy 5 such machines.  The drivers pay weekly such that over a year, they repay the lender and will then own their own sustainable asset.  We also get them to save for depreciation.

They operate in a group so are jointly and severally liable, so if one doesn’t pay, the others do.  When all have paid they get title to the bikes.

Finding innovative ways to develop livelihood in Destiny Town is  essential.  Yes, there are risks, but we have built an effective and deliverable plan.  The drivers and families are excited by this prospect.  The vehicles also advertise our other products such as bricks and spring water as we develop livelihood opportunities across the town.

We would like to do more once we can find the finance!

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