Completing on Time

17th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Its been quite a week.  With another 18 families moving to Destiny Town in the next 3 days, it has been a challenge to get Shanta Villas and Waymade Villas complete.  We will have it done though!

Those funding things like Home Leone want us to demonstrate impact.  Whilst it is intuitively obvious we have to find way to build metrics that funders can rely on.  We have therefore been doing a survey of all those moving, before they move about their living conditions and views on quality of life.  We can then do the same in Destiny and see the difference.

A couple of ladies told me of their toilet facilities in the slum.  They basically use buckets and when full throw the waste outside the house in a sort of stream.  The difference in having your own toilet, can you measure the impact!


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