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Important News

7th May 2015 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

We have now heard from Ian Morris , our Construction Director in Sierra Leone, that Home Leone is now the owner of 20 acres of Land in Newton, Sierra Leone. The journey to obtain this land has been challenging to say the least, but today we are so thankful that we now have a firm foundation in our goal to…

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Land Update

7th April 2015 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

This week, I need to send the remaining money to buy the 20 acres of land that enables us to take a huge step nearer our goal.  The total we need to complete payment is £79,000 so excluding any contingency I need to send just less than £46,000 to Sierra Leone.  This covers the land purchase, lawyers, surveyors, government tax…

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Decision Time – Are Jesse J’s lyrics right?

13th March 2015 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

In the lyrics of one of the most popular songs It’s not about the money, money, money We don’t need your money, money, money We just wanna make the world dance, Forget about the price tag Well the way we see the world dancing is to set off a chain reaction that will end with thousands of people having opportunities…

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Land – Life in A New Dimension

6th March 2015 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Our search for Land has brought us to an exciting and pivotal point.  Life in A New Dimension (Land) is on its way for many hundreds of people. We’ve found the ideal location and land in a place called Newton (named after the man who wrote Amazing Grace). It is a wonderful place to start and so we’ve been walking down…

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Tragedy of Ebola – it’s personal when you know those dying

25th February 2015 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

I just received the sad news that Augustin of St George Foundation ( just died of ebola.  Eight years ago I was involved in building accommodation for this great work that has rescued hundreds of children from a life on the streets, provided education and reunited them with families.  We built the accommodation on a site provided by the Boy…

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A Notable Week – Corporate Social Responsibility at its best

22nd February 2015 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

The IM Group (Isuzu and Subaru Distributors) sent a team of nine employees with us to Cambodia, joining Home Leone in its goal to make a radical difference in the lives of some the world’s poorest slum dwellers. Five years ago, the Cambodian government sent tear gas, soldiers and bulldozers to a Phenom Penh slum, destroying hundreds of homes and…

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