Women’s Micro Loans

20th June 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

I have just had a wonderful meeting with some of the ladies who are moving to Destiny Village.  Most simply want an opportunity to create a livelihood.  Men and women have many fixed ideas about family rolls here.  The women here are often the driving force for the family.  These ladies demonstrated a passion and clarity about how a micro loan scheme should work.

So, we are consulting and building a scheme to lend money for small businesses to these ladies in groups of 5-9.  Initially the loans will be £300 or less per person.  The businesses may include a lady buying charcoal up country and bringing it back to sell locally.  Another buys and sells baby clothes, most do trading of various kind.

If you would be interested in giving to a fund to lend to these extraordinary women then do get in touch.

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