Why not come to Sierra Leone?

30th April 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Just over a year ago Alex Finch from Hampshire came to volunteer with us. His trip was cut short as COVID meant airlines shut down. It turned out he picked up COVID and our village was one of the first to have some quarantine in this country.

A year later he is back! Alex gets what we are trying to do and now as a physio student, connecting with health professionals here as well as just being helpful. Sam Turner has also come to serve for a month and what a great help. We talk about things that matter; these surroundings point us at questions about what gives our lives meaning.

There seems to be a shift after so much time for many of us at home. Have you thought how you could change the world – not all of it, but perhaps a little within your choice and influence? We need practical help – long and short term time with us. Maybe you could join us as we seek to enable those who have less materially but have character, fun and perspectives that enable us to see life with fresh insight. Its a real win-win.

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