What a Palava

2nd February 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

What a great week with Corporate team from Turley Planning consultants and their families with us to help us across different facets of the village.  They also brought family members including Lillyanna from Stoke who was a real inspiration.

They funded and helped build a “Palava” hut.  This is a meeting area for people in the centre of the 56 homes we have either built or have under construction.  Several of the team updated the village plans layout and in faith marked out the next 6 blocks of housing and offices for Home Leone!  We can now see from the housing to the school as the village comes alive.

The team visited a number of our long term community partners, walked the slums gaining insight into the life change we bring for families and did some building, HR help and much more.

We have some teams going at Easter and if you would like to come and help do get in touch.

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