Water – vital to life and community

20th May 2015 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

As we walked the land for a second time, the dream of seeing hundreds of people living in a land of opportunity seemed one step closer. Our signs saying this land is Home Leone’s are a real encouragement.

We met with some wonderful guys who dig wells and as it turned out, their base is only 3 miles from our site. We learned so much getting their insights about the country, the improvement that clean water brings to a community. We considered how we might develop a water purification business as part of our job creation programme and how that fulfils such a huge need in Sierra Leone.

The best time of year to drill a well is now – just before the rainy season kicks in as the water table is at its lowest. This means they can get the best depth for the well and determine if we end up with a high or low yielding well. For this we need £3,000.

It is simply amazing that we meet with the right people at the right time, their work commitment and ministry was inspiring.

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  1. Jason Z says:

    Would love to visit your project…Will be in country in July….We are going to visit a small orphanage we support in Benguema…..

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