Walking for Water

24th July 2017 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

You meet some amazing people in this line of work. Charlie Christensen stopped by for a couple of nights at Destiny Village.  Charlie has been walking from Denmark to Tanzania, in a roundabout way and after 2 years on the road has reached Sierra Leone.  He expects to be walking for another 2 years!

Charlie had a trolley he pushes with his few things in and Joe had the tools to help him fix it.  He calls his walk a Philanthropic Pilgrimage as he raises money for water projects across Africa and particularly in Tanzania.  He has been on Denmark TV quite a bit as they highlight his remarkable endeavor.  In 2 years he has never paid for a nights accommodation and at the end he made a great little video about Home Leone and shared it with his 12,000 followers.

It reminds me again, what can we do for a season in our short lives to help those with the least.  His website is www.walkingforwater.dk.  Lets be inspired by Christian to do more!

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