The Mudslides

16th August 2017 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

It is hard to imagine the depths of the tragedy unfolding in Sierra Leone.  As I listen to our staff of the first hand stories, the thousands homeless and hundreds dead it is just horrid.

As you know, I believe God gave me a clear vision of a slum solution for Sierra Leone and we have worked hard towards that end for 3 years.  We have spoken with all sectors of government and genuinely believe this vision of new villages can stimulate the economy, offer opportunity and significantly improve health and education.

Do join us in prayer for the nation and its leaders.  Also that the message we have will be heard and we can get the funding and support to deliver this vital solution.  We can see a day where people don’t have to make homes in flood prone slums and on the edge of cliffs.  Please help us to get the message out that there is a long term solution in place.

For those who pray, we have been asked to consider

the nations leaders as they respond and look at immediate and long term solutions

For those helping and who are dealing with the bodies and those who mourn the loss of loved ones

For the homeless as they start to look at their next steps

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