The Chickens are Producing

8th September 2018 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Today is a landmark day when the first 12 eggs were laid!  We are now in production.  We are grateful to those who partnered with us on this journey.


The previous owner of the farm we bought is attempting to steal it back leaving us with a major challenge.  The legal system there will not allow us to use our farm.  Do pray for a resolution of this problem.

In the meantime, we started with 3,000 chicks and lost 600 to a virus meaning over the next few weeks we move up to at least 2,400 eggs a day on the new farm.  This needs some additional finance and if you would like to lend us up to 5,000 pounds at 3% to secure their current home do let me know

This business offers part of the route to sustainability in pilot village to move the first 2,000 people from slums to a new life.


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