Sierra Leone Trip – January 2013 Day 6

18th January 2013 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Day 6

Bright and breezy as Peter and I ate our porridge, prayed and waited for Alison.  The discussion about hotel rates put back another day as Kajita, the owner gone to town!  I’m sure I arranged a meeting but hey tomorrow is fine.     Both also ate an end of role and rest to the drivers with hard boiled eggs.

So, set up day for team which means let’s visit lots of projects in a day.  So 12 miles out to waterloo picking up phone credit and water on the way.  To buy credit you stop at a man by the road, pay him and he texts you credit.  Asked for 2,000 units as most people only buy 50 at a time it caused his stock to run out!  Sorted some aid, with football shirts in to  S M and L to decide where to give.

Arrived in classes at Kings Royal academy and the school is literally under the mango tree.  Pastor head not there but arranged visit.  One of the schools house system named it Alison Marsh House (after our in country Alison)  It’s a problem now she’s changed her name to Hickman!

Over to Waterloo Hospital – great Doctor and so much activity that patients on beds in the waiting room.  Such a transformation.  Also a doctor from the Philippines had joined and there was a nurse form the states.  They are now thinking how to expand the hospital so we discussed possibilities.  As an interim agreed to paint the front of the hospital with the team next Friday – they will get it cleaned.  Felt so encouraged as all we have done being put to such great use (built a ward, well, water tower, place for visiting doctors to stay and waiting area).

Off to Hastings where we left school books and shirts.  Paced out the hole in the fence that needed repairs.  Decided too big a job for the team and digging the holes would be massive.  Asked them to cost repairs needing 72 sticks.  They said they would do soap making with the team next week so should be interesting.

To Manaheim where we stumbled on a difficult meeting earlier in the week.  An Australian lady turned up with supplies.  Go to see Joshua and met his dad Samuel who seemed a lovely bloke..  cuddled the babe and took his photo – looks like all will be well.  Melrose still shocked from the meeting.  It seems money has been sent but she gets about half.  She thought if she tells the truth that the intermediary is taking the money, they would reduce the half.  Interesting tangle of fear.  She expects to hang on to 20 of the children and 20 will go to new call to business orphanage  -I suspect she will soon load up to 40 again.  Rumatu’s knee remained in a shocking but covered in penicillin cream.

Dropped in to see YWAM team again and they were not there again!  Now got Michaels number so can speak, if only the mobile phone network worked and connected when you dialled.

Over the mountain and in to City of Rest which has still not moved and we can’t find out why yet.  Arranged to visit next week and then into town to buy food at modest supermarket and change money.  Finally reached Alexes and spoke to Susan (my wife) to hear our house group cancelled due to massive snowfall – hope the team still make it on time.

The to see major Moses who described it as a great meeting at the end.  He kindly fed us chicken and chips – such hospitality.  Shared our hearts over Kroo Bay problems, where so many people die early living in this flooded sewer.  He had some land available for us to acquire and explained how the village system worked. It’s as though God has gone before in all this.  They are offering us 40 acres of prime land at an excellent price.  Its location could not be better and is a fabulous opportunity.  All seems at peace with the Chaplain.

Then great evening – caught up with Gwen who I have known 12 years.  From the states, she has been developing teacher training and resources in SL of the last 5 years – what a great job.  She is thinking of some extra training so looking for someone to cover her furlough to do that.  Moving agencies too which happens from time to time as commitments come to an end.

Also had dinner with Petra and Charles Canadians who had been in country 2 years and had suddenly come to an early end with their organisation in SL so were saying Lord – what next.  He is a builder and understands lots of development things like solar, fix cars and understands construction.  Petra is a carer.  I actually had goose bumps as I explained the vision for the impact on housing this nation beckons and it’s as though God brought them here for this moment.  Arranged to see them again.  Have to make a decision quickly to keep the momentum – Just extraordinary.  The heard Andy and Heidi are going to visit with a view to coming here long term and interested in running a guest house.  (Both ladies originally from Germany too).  Is this a window of opportunity that God is calling us in to.  Great to have Peter and Alison here to discuss it with.

And so to bed

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