Sharing the vision with the International Community

13th September 2017 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

The leader of the Sierra Leonean Disaster response group asked Nigel to share the Home Leone vision with the International community.  Since a mudslide engulfed many homes on 14 August, killing probably over 1,000 people, the leaders of the major NGO’s, embassies and response leaders have met every day at 9am to discuss response progress.

The opportunity to present a long term solution to this group, one that  is already in progress, addressing the causes and problems, was a real honour. With nearly 100 leaders, learning of this key initiative it maybe some can advise and bring resource.  It reminded me of a song that says “we were born for such time as this.”

The international press quickly moved on to report on the worlds other challenges.  As this dreadful event fades from the news, we must redouble our efforts to address the unsafe building practices and appalling living conditions of hundreds of thousands of people in Freetown alone.

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  1. kevin knight says:

    Keep up the great work Nigel…your perseverance and patience will pay dividends

    blessings kevin

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