Return to Destiny

18th April 2021 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

So, after a year away I arrived back home to Destiny Village last night. The documentation and over £400 having been spent on COVID tests (having been vaccinated!) enabled a straight forward journey.

Andrew, our village chief met me at the airport which was a real joy. Also wonderful to meet with Dave Metcalfe and Chase Wilsey from Gateway Church in Dallas who are visiting. We had a great visit and also wonderful to see Joe Boxall again before a very long day came to an end.

There remain new opportunities and fresh challenges in the days ahead and thank you for your love and support that makes all this possible. I am so much looking forward to gaining fresh insight on our residents, staff and others perspectives and learning what course corrections we need to consider. Also looking forward to Clive joining me on Tuesday, Kirk who us coming to lead the build on an even lower cost house (budget £3,500) and Alex and Sam, young men volunteering with us.

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