Quite a day

26th September 2018 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

What a privilege to be out here again with a wonderful team as we see so much momentum and initiative as we build Destiny Village.

Today was one of visiting a number of government ministries.  We started with Agriculture as our chicken farm develops and they have some land and disused buildings we could refurbish and bring development too.  Then to do a presentation at the Office for National Security. They were discussing what to do with some houses given after last years mudslide that have significant problems.  Our presentation on our plans and a solution was well received.

Then to the Ministry of Energy and looking at the new solar farm being built near us and look at the process of connecting our new village to national power.  It looks like it will be another year before that is possible but also  looking at minigrids and solar.

The to the President’s ambassadour who again welcomed us as we look at overall discussions on how our initiative could change the nation and fulfil our goal to close the slums in less than 25 years.

Then back to discuss healthcare and how we develop that part in the village with some huge questions to answer over affordability, dependency and strategy.

What a great job to have and to work with and meet such wonderful people

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