Power to the people

25th April 2021 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

So many in our society do not know life without electricity. Many in the world don’t know life with consistent power. Its expensive and yet such a core element in developing an economy, even a new Destiny Village.

Yesterday was a landmark day. Power is a real challenge in Sierra Leone, especially if the national grid does not reach you. The mains power is about 2 miles form our site and we were quoted around $1 million to connect up.

Yesterday our first solar system arrived which will power about 1/4 of our village. We entered a 20 year agreement which reduces our power cost to 1/6th of the generator cost. Our wonderful Spanish partners (EKI) will arrive in a couple of weeks to lead the installation.

Our solution has to find a couple of generators to support it and go in our next container leaving on 29 May. If you have any connections (electrical or otherwise) to help us find them then do get in touch. We will look to buy 2 second hand ones at around £5,000 each. This is so important as our current generators are at the end of their useful life.

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