Polio Men Inspire us

23rd May 2015 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

For many years I have worked with the Polio Men in Kissy.  I first met them living in their disused abattoir with 100 people and 1 toilet with an open sewer was dreadful.  We have seen that disability need not be a barrier to perseverance.

We worked with them to obtain land and now they have developed a range of businesses that create regular income to support the community.  Welding, carpentry, mechanics, IT sewing all contribute.

Over the years Mission Direct has raised a lot of funds and despite Ebola troubles the men had built the foundations for 8 shops.  They need more resources to complete but step they demonstrate that working as a community they can improve their lives.  Meeting and encouraging old friends was wonderful.  Last time we took a team they built a amp in to the home which was being well used and made such a difference to so many.

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