Oral Health Improvements in Destiny

11th April 2023 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Have you ever had toothache. Just imagine what its like if there is no dentist to help you?

We are excited to have dentist Rebecca from York, join us again in Destiny Village. She has worked in our clinic on a few previous occassion’s and extracted literally hundreds of decayed teeth. The health impact of her short visits is profound.

In 2010, Sierra Leone had just 6 dentists and it has no formal dentist health training in the country. A survey of children’s oral hygiene in Sierra Leone demonstrated a severe unmet demand for oral healthcare. At Christmas we hosted another group visiting of 5 dentists with their support team, also providing significant impact.

As we look ahead in Destiny we want to see a permanent dental chair and operated continuously by oral hygienists who can address many of the key ailments. This needs some capital and operational investment and if this is your area, why not use your holiday for good and join us for a week. There are many in pain who will be grateful.

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