New Vice President visits Destiny Village

7th June 2018 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

On Monday I visited the Vice Presidents office and he gave us an hour of his time to learn about Home Leone.  He then agreed to visit the village and yesterday, he with the 2 leading TV stations in Sierra Leone came and walked round our 25 acre village.

Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh explained how our project is “in line with the aspirations the new government has for affordable housing”. He shared his excitement at seeing an initiative that addresses livelihood, education and the support of movers to a new way of life.

It was a privilege to have him come and am so encouraged to meet someone in his position with a passion to address the slum housing problems.   We will see where our discussions lead.  Government support is so important as our goal develops to close the slums in less than 25 years – That would make me 82!

Below is welcoming our local MP


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  1. Adrienne Shaw says:

    So encouraging to see Nigel. Go on you can make it past 82!
    God bless

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