Meeting the neighbours and an Ebola centre closes

12th May 2015 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

We walked the land – Ian, Rachel Katherine and me were joined by Pastor Tamba, who had been a tower of strength in helping us navigate the land acquisition. We were also joined by 30 or so elders as we looked forward to all that make take place.

The village meeting was not that easy in that they were focused on “what’s in it for them”, not an unreasonable request as their poverty is pretty bad too and they feel abandoned. Their welcome and delight at development on their doorstep was evident and we shared some drinks with them.

Visited the Kings Royal Academy and the toilets Dave Zak and I worked on last year all finished. Great welcome from the head and pastor. Then to see David Koroma who took us round the open areas of the waterloo hospital we built that had been an ebola centre. It closes at the end of the month and reverts to the much needed hospital. It was shocking to learn that despite all the millions sent for helping ebola, the money does not reach the hospital staff who have “volunteered” to save so many lives. David told me they had 20 survivors at the centre. Many more have died of Malaria, child birth and even a tooth abscess simply because the hospital is not open and primary health care is so limited.

Then to visit he Hastings ladies, all with polio. Despite paying for a new well it was not seep enough so they had been struggling up the hill again to get their water. Steps forward yet little progress.

Team returned to fish supper and reflect on the day at the house

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  1. Margaret Watkins says:

    It all sounds a little frustrating, but GOD IS GOOD!

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