Living Seeds

17th May 2015 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog


Tamba and Agnes are truly remarkable Sierra Leoneans. Tamba did not see a car till he was 12. Starting on the streets and fending for himself, he has been instrumental in helping Home Leone secure the land.

Today, they run a small “factory” called Living Seeds. They have 30 ladies employed sewing industrial safety garments. Another 24 are in training, each one with a story that tells of the lack of education they were able to access. Yet here they are making significant progress. They have housed many of these ladies. You walk in the place and there is such a different atmosphere as people are ready to work together and go the extra mile I see so rarely in this country.

They have reached capacity and now need land and want to build a new purpose built factory and accommodation. They started the search for land before us yet having got part way through the process are held up by a land owner not sticking to his agreement! It makes me realise again how remarkable it is we have our land signed and sealed. Supported and guided by a wonderful couple from the UK, the impact and opportunity brought is just fabulous. With such similar visions I hope we can grow closer to work with this group in years to come, especially as their land, if completed is near ours.

Meeting people that inspire you raises our bar. Integrity and honesty at the core, passion and drive to enable others to change their lives for good, leaving an eternal legacy.

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