Linking Destiny Grace Academy with your school

27th October 2019 | Posted in Latest News

Last month we opened Destiny Grace Academy. This is a doorway to learning for children who formerly lived in slums. Some had been to school, others had not and some started and dropped out.

We would like to connect our school to a few schools in the UK who may build a two way relationship with us. It could involve

  • as UK or US school adopting Destiny Grace Academy as one of its charity partners this year and /or next.
  • You might raise some funds, which will enable one class in this school to become sustainable.  You will no doubt have ideas as to how much is possible in your setting.
  • We could possibly have supervised direct pupil contact e.g. classes will be able to communicate via skype or e mail. 
  • Projects about faith, geography, poverty, social responsibility, maths and across the curriculum can open children’s eyes to a wider world.  This will lead to significant insight for children in UK/US schools and that of Destiny Grace Academy.
  • Children could write personal letters
  • Any excess training materials, retired curriculum, reading books and surplus equipment can be shared and shipped.
  • School and local community/church trips enable teachers, older pupils etc to actually visit the school.
  • Home Leone staff could visit or lead an assembly in your school.

We would also welcome any additional ideas that enable children to grow and learn in both countries.  

If you know a teacher or school who would be interested in learning more, please get in touch with me at and I will send you more details.

Thanks for your help, this can literally help transform lives and bring insight.

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