Landslides forecast in 2014 Freetown Plan

20th August 2017 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

I was just re-reading the draft Freetown Structure plan of 2014.  It said

“The causes of Landslide, mudslide and rockfall in Freetown are the uncontrollable construction, deforestation and mining activity on the hills caused by the fast growing population.  The population that has settled on the hills and dwellings have been constructed creating massive erosion and opening and exposing these areas to , to landslide, which then are being triggered off by heavy rainfall”

This report recommends action that is never taken. The international community.  In 20o6 a full report costing over 3 million euros and this 2014 update cost yet more.  So much Aid money seems to go on writing reports that sit in draws.  I wonder how more reports are being written in Sierra Leone that will never be implemented.  We have all the research we need. Now we simply need the investment in the solution which I believe Home Leone offers.

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  1. Aina Ami Warner says:

    Yes we really need followup in.Sierra Leone so people can not go back to the mountain.
    I will like to know more about homelone about the house building in Sierra Leonen. How can we talk concerning the houseing. My lives the mountain and same it is dangerous for them. I am interested to inverst to one of these house for his family.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Aina

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