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15th January 2015 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Let me tell you the land story.  A year ago I met a lady in the UK who agreed to give us 9 acres of land to get going.  This was a fabulous start and we visited it several times and met her relations.  Unfortunately they decided to withdraw the offer so come June last year, whilst we had looked at other areas, we were back to square 1.  We looked at some land in Waterloo but the price of £45,000 for just 5 acres did not seem a good investment.  Abs found 20 acres at Medina and I met the village elders several times who assured me they wanted to “give” us 20 acres for development.  They wanted a few things but it looked good.  It then turned out various parts of it were promised to different people and we could not get to the bottom of it.

There were great  people who own land at Waterloo but that had a complication of people squatting and the discussion is still ongoing.

Abs then found 36 acres out at Tumbu (near Craig Bellamy’s football school).  The village cleared a lot of it and Ian and Abs will be visiting it this week.  We think it will cost £100,000 but to acquire that for the project would be transformative and set us up for the next few years.  Obviously acquiring land is the critical path for us starting work.  Here you have to clear who really owns it and ensure the Minister of Lands signs off which is a truly challenging feat, but one that is doable. So, please can I call you to join us in prayer for this land as Abs and Ian visit. I am sure the money will follow but this is key to unlocking this whole vision.

Thanks so much


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