In Country Orientation

25th January 2016 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

when a team visits a new culture its vital they take the time to get to know local people and start to look at the world through others eyes.  This has a powerful effect as we realize that things my no be as black and white as we thought.  Indeed to understand things are not right or wrong but just different can help us pick our battles more carefully when back at work and home.  As part of this we visited Happy Village today and met a girl who through the help she had received and worked for was making the most of her time at University.  Her story of where she had come from living to help support her mum and siblings in a slum showed the power education can have in developing individuals and a nation.  It makes me thankful too for the many millions who support children in sponsorship.  That approach does have some drawbacks bit the impact for the beneficiaries is truly wonderful.

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