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22nd May 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Please pray for our trustees as we meet today.  I have produced a range of papers as we look at strategic and governance issues and hear of the change to peoples lives and the operational developments.

As I reflect this morning, we have just done our annual accounts and God’s provision is truly wonderful.  When people ask who is funding this work, I sometimes struggle for words.  I see the huge need, the poverty, the illness and early death befalling so many in Sierra Leone slums. I wonder who next will step up to help us in this amazing cause.  It is a remarkable thing we ask the trustees to do as they weigh the vision and passion with fiduciary duty. Yet as we see the new families preparing to move to the village it makes life worth the living.

As we look back we stand in awe, as we pause we celebrate and seek insight.  As we look ahead we simply trust.

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