Electricity, finance catch up and the army

13th May 2015 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Catching up on finances and analysing how money is spent as a basis for understanding what options we have going forward. For accountants a day of joy, bringing clarity, for engineers not so much fun!

Dropped in at Joule Africa, after nearly 6 years still working hard to complete a contract that will offer a step up in electricity supply to a nation so short of power. We currently stay in the bit that has most national power, yet barely seen since I’ve being here. If you have not lived in a country with negligible electricity, it’s hard to imagine the restrictions on life and difficulty it is to make progress and how we take it for granted. We’ve just heard there is to be a 10 day blackout, so generator has to run more!

Picked up the documents from the lawyer showing the conveyance and sales document, all covered in stamps, to say we have paid the tax on it and containing the very valuable signature of the Director of Lands. It seemed such a small document for so much money!

Visited the army leaders to pursue the lands meetings with them as it will take a long term approach to secure land that way. The Director General will set up a key meeting.

Ate wonderful fish at the team house. Land rover still broken, not making transport any easier whilst here! So Wednesday meetings to look forward to including the SL Housing Corp, YMCA and the European Union so should be a good day to learn as all are very interested in low cost housing.

Very hot and humid as just coming up to the rainy season.  Rachel and Katherine visited the slum our house looks out on, an immediate reminder of why we are here.

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