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18th February 2020 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Are you wondering what to do for a holiday and also love being/getting fit? Our Sierra Leone staff are hosting a 5k and 10k run event on 9 May 2020 and wondered if you would like to come to Destiny Village and join tyhen fun!

We would welcome you for just over a week so you can get involved in a range of things and do the run. It will be a great event and offer so much insight for you personally and help our wonderful work financially and practically.

We will help and sort all the logistics for you – if you can come the e mail Liz on

5/10k run- May 4th -9th, 2020


Day 1&2= volunteering with Home Leone at Destiny Village(evening cultural dance within Destiny village)

Day 3&4= internal training with local staffs at Home Leone

Day 5= Tour to historic sites

Day 6=  5/10k run in the morning 7:00am – 10:00am and in the evening, send-off dinner/dance/networking and certification to all international participants/ local participants will pay to attend this function

Day 7= Departure


Pick up of guest will start 2nd & 3rd at the Lungi International Airport, all participant must make sure to send their traveling Itinerary on or before April 20th , 2020 in order for our team to set up schedules for pickup time.


Home Leone is please to bring to you its traveling package for her 5/10k run, our travel packages are all-inclusive but may vary if you choose to stay out of Destiny village.

5/10run package -contact

A comfortable single room with shared bathroom outside in a compound (In Country Manager’s flat), running shower, electricity, breakfast, lunch and dinner(DRINKS FOR SALE WITHIN THE COMPOUND) Mosquito nets are provided as standard and wifi within the compound.

More information on our package?

  • Participation and registration fee
  • Send off dinner/dance and networking night
  • Clean drinking water throughout the trip, including electrolytes on race day
  • All transport and transfers (including airport pick up and drop off, transport to historic sites)
  • Expert expedition medical team who are on hand all week
  • Event medal and your Home Leone’s 5/10k run 2020 vest
  • Full support team
  • Full schedule of activities and entertainment throughout the week within Destiny Village.

Other costs and expenses:

All interested participants are required to pay for their own flights and visa either through Home Leone or personally, any vaccinations needed (yellow-fever is a must) and ensure you have appropriate insurance. If you have any questions about the package offered above, please email our team at: or

Please note: Sierra Leone has just launched VISA ON ARRIVAL (Please visit this link for more information

Message to participants:

Hi Participants/ Good Doers,

I am pleased and delighted to welcome you to our first of many other 5/10k run which Home Leone will be doing to help raise funds locally to help educate children in our Destiny Grace Academy. In this message are number of information that will help you know what is needed for your participation.  On our main website page, we have our donation link in any case you would want to support our cause.  Below are our social media links which will give you a pre- knowledge of what we do, what we have done and were we are at the moment – Please follow us, link, share and invite your friend and family to do the same. Once you sign up to our email newsletters we’ll be sharing our insider knowledge and your own stories, get in touch if you have any particular requests. 

Thank you for supporting our vision. God bless you!

Home Leone Team, Sierra Leone

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