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Flood and Fire in Freetown, Crying in Destiny Town

2nd August 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Here are some pictures of Freetown today.  So many of 200 people who have just escaped the slums are literally crying for their families and friends as flood and fire fills the slums. NEVER has the solution that Home Leone offers through Destiny Town and the like been more needed, more sustainable and more appropriate.  We long for those with…

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Teacher Training as we prepare for school opening

31st July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

What a wonderful week it’s been as the school teachers work through the teacher training preparation, now we are ready to welcome over 90 children to the school on 9 September 2019. Thanks to Sue, Louise, Carol and Ryanne who have crossed the world and are working with Emmanuel and Stephen (our local leaders) to see the teachers are better…

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Statement about Home Leone

26th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

I have just written a summary of where we have got to and wondered if I can share it with you.  If you have a moment to read it and can give any feedback or suggestions to improve it, I would be most grateful. Home Leone is delivering its solution to alleviate human suffering by aiming to close Freetown’s horrific…

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Micro loan update

18th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Yesterday evening I was joined by many Destiny residents who have applied for small loans.  We have received applications and looked at a range of businesses, from buying pots in Guinea to cooking hot meals; buying and selling bales of shoes or clothes to trading in perfume, hair and food products. I went through our proposed scheme, noting our maximum…

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Completing on Time

17th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Its been quite a week.  With another 18 families moving to Destiny Town in the next 3 days, it has been a challenge to get Shanta Villas and Waymade Villas complete.  We will have it done though! Those funding things like Home Leone want us to demonstrate impact.  Whilst it is intuitively obvious we have to find way to build…

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What happens after a team

14th July 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

In January, a team from the company Turley (Planning consultants) paid for and helped build a Palava hut.  This is somewhere those living nearby can meet and do so much more. This picture shows how residents are now selling their wares, including our water, and cooked food under it.  I asked the price of 20 cigarettes – 40p was the…

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