Back to Sierra Leone today

22nd October 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Sat in the airport and just reflecting on the next 2 weeks as I head to Sierra Leone.  Clive has been there the last week and overcome and focused on a number of challenges.  We wonder why we have yet to make the major financial breakthrough that can build out this village?  Many have prayed and encouraged us, some say perhaps its a consolidation period.  For someone like me who wants to press forward that is never great to hear!

Over the last few months, our new residents have been bedding in.  I knew there would be some tough things to address but the number of things we are facing and learning really is getting us ready for the bigger numbers in years to come.  Getting it right with 200+ people is needing this time before stepping up and we are thankful for our staff and fresh learning.  We sometimes say “you could not make this up” as we address the behaviour resulting from the worldview that many of those leaving slums bring with them.  The fears pervading poverty don’t just melt away even when offered shelter, livelihood, education healthcare and so much more.  This is truly a transformation journey up close.

Determining what is true when people say exact opposites, managing responses to theft, non- payment of agreed commitments and much more.  Join with us as we seek fresh insight for the day and as in the bible it says the men of Issachar “understood the signs of the time sand knew what they should do,” that is our prayer today.

Thank you for your love and support

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