A Step of Faith

20th June 2019 | Posted in Latest News, Nigel's Blog

Here’s a thing! We have no-one yet committed to paying for the next block of 8 houses or any urgently needed buildings in Destiny Village.

On Friday we talked and prayed.  One of our staff sensed God calling him to put a marker of faith in the ground and said, “I will fund the initial digging out of the foundations of Villas 8”  2 other staff agreed and said “they would do Villas 9 and 10”.  This cost £250 for each one.

We have marked out the next 8 Villas and are now starting with a deep conviction that God will provide the funding to build them out.  The money is there, it’s just not in our bank account yet. Faith is being sure of what you hope for and Certain of what you can’t see.

So by faith, we want to dig out these next 64 house foundations, that’s over 300 people who this rainy season face water up to their necks in some of their homes and thousands where they raise the mattress on the bed to stay just above the water in the house.  This should not be!

I wonder if you and/or someone you know, might join us in this faith journey with a gift of £250 to stand with us in digging each of these next foundations.  If we get more than 8 we will start making the foundation blocks too!  It also brings employment in the rainy season which is hard for people to find.  Our bank is 30-90-89  and account number 39610168 if you sense God calling for your involvement this way!  Thanks so much.  love Nigel


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