130 homes lost and 3,000 affected by fire

8th April 2017 | Posted in Nigel's Blog

Our staff have been to Susans Bay, following the fire.  This is an extract from Rachel’s report

It is said that the fire was started by faulty electrical cable but after meeting with people, it seems it was probably a deliberate fire by someone in the community.

The damage is vast and there are many injured, some in critical conditions. Due to the location of this slum the fire services were not able to reach the fire. It was also on the water front which meant those living in the community could not reach the water to help put out the fire. To stop the fire spreading throughout the whole community they guided the fire using the zinc roof’s to a point where the fire services could reach. This meant that some homes had to be caught in the fire for the greater good of the community. The blaze lasted 2 hours.

The office for National Security and World Food Programme have been to the community to distribute food but there is no action on building homes. Approximately 130 homes are completely destroyed with 3,000 people directly affected. There are now groups of people sleeping outside in the rubble with no shelter. People not only lost their homes but they lost all their possessions. One person explained that children are not able to attend school anymore as their books burnt. Business’ have gone bust as all the stock was destroyed. Even the money that was collected by the local community representatives for its members was burnt in the fire.

The most urgent thing needed right now is shelter, they need zinc and poles so they are protected. The chief is already worried what will happen to these people when the rains come. The Federation for Urban and Rural poor are going to provide us with a report on which members were affected and ways in which we can help.

This doesn’t make the main news in the UK.  The need for housing is desperate.  Together we can be the change.IMG_7145 IMG_7146


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