The Plan

Home Leone’s plan is simple, as we seek partners who will fund this work and seek to invest.

1. Acquire Land

Land is an emotive and political issue in Sierra Leone. Securing title in the slum communities for regeneration would take many years. Upgrading slums without title is not a long term solution as landowners would soon evict tenants of better housing. For a visionary NGO such as Home Leone, relocation to a new site with secure title is the only current option. We now own 22 acres of land in Newton, 16 miles from Freetown and seek more.

2. Design and Build homes and community infrastructure

22 acres of land was purchased in May 2015 and we set to work designing the site layout. Research informed house design, the land had great clay, meaning hydraform brick making was great value for money. Budgets developed, funds arrived and building began. The aim is to build the first 30 homes, business infrastructure, several classrooms and start the health centre before moving the first tranche of people in to begin the community.

3. Identify and Relocate families

We've developed selection criteria with various community groups to develop a program that identifies and trains the people ready to move. Some say “it is no use getting the individual out the slum if you can’t get the slum out of the individual.” We are dedicated to ensuring the early adopters are ready and able to make the most of their opportunity. We have interviewed over 300 families and selected the first 20 for relocation.

4. Start Sustainable businesses

Alongside building homes, we have started sustainable businesses, as well as providing training opportunities, resulting in new sustainable communities fulfilling the resident’s hopes and aspirations. The block making business is underway as is a chicken farm, bakery, garage and water bagging factory.

5. Bring more corporate and community teams

Our first SL team, from Luton Churches, made a significant contribution, working alongside our 50 local staff. We also continue to run teams to our partners at Manna4Life in Cambodia and The Samaritan Foundation in The Dominican Republic.