In our first 6 years Home Leone has raised nearly £2.5m ($3.1m).  The majority  has been sourced primarily from about 25 kind individuals, trusts and foundations.  We have been given huge value through gifts in kind and our businesses, which address the livelihood challenge, also contribute. We have had no government or institutional support this far.

To build out Destiny village and move the first 2,000 people will cost £8m ($10m).  However, as our starfish value proclaims, we look to move one family at a time as fast as funding allows.

We have detailed budgets for each section of the development.  After detailed design and building the first 56 homes, each 2 bed house  direct cost budget is £6,000 ($8,000). We have designed and have budgets for other home sizes, schools etc for the village development and replication beyond.  We would be delighted to share budgets and opportunities as transparency and accountability is important to us.

Our founder,  Nigel Hyde, is a Chartered Accountant, and has a passion for financial transparency.  If you have any questions simply ring us today.

Each business also has developed business plans and cash flows as we seek to develop a sustainable community.

Out accountants, Bennewith & Co of Guildford, Surrey, have completed 5 independent year end financial reviews. Financial statements are available on request. We hold bank accounts for each fo our 3 NGO’s in the UK, USA and Sierra Leone.

Note that the significant fluctuation in exchange rate make currency comparatives difficult.  In April 2014 £1 was $1.6 and 6,800 Leones.  In June 2017, £1 is $1.25 and 9,200 Leones.  In June 2018, it was £1 to $1.35 and 10,300 Leones.  In June 2020, £1 is 12,350 Leones and $1.27.

We have been given large quantities of equipment and materials.  The directors make appropriate assessments as to the value used in the accounts.  They are deeply grateful for such valuable contributions.

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